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Feb 16, 2009 | 9:16 AM | 0 hearts ♔
hello, people.
so, today is shadiqin's birthday.
today when to school with hanisah with my new hair. xD then no duty! wahahhahaha. i got suspended from sc. bcos the other day i cheat during miss margaret ss retest and she caught me. she told my co-form teacher and mr mok. blablabla, she asked me to write statements and stuff. then mr mok talk to me. blablabla. until this fri then i'll get my badge back. hahahahah! tkya buat recess duty. hha. and today is eng paper one. all the best to me , yeah. hmm, well. thats all i got to say. till next time. :D
my love for you will never fade.

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