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Feb 11, 2009 | 2:45 PM | 0 hearts ♔
hee. so today mum wake up and, " wah, birthday seyy."
hahaha. well well.
then went to school, qikaa, tik and nisa came to me.
"fira, happy birthday."
then they pinch my cheek.
aduh, saket taw!
and we hug each other.
so sweeet! :DD
reen came and wish me too. (:
then, fidya, fathin and yamelsa came:
"happy birhthday! sorry tkde present."
hha, its okay. (:
to know that you guys remember my birthday
makes me happy. :D
then follow by syariza and my gf, sarah. ((:
then efa was like screaming "happy birthday!"
hahahaha, i love all of you . (:
thanks for making today a perfect day for me. (:
having family and friends like all of you
makes my life so content.
thanks for everything for the past few years.
especially, emilia and hanisah.
hugs and kisses for anna and amirah.
and not forgetting, tik and reen.
wind oh wind, send my regards full of love for him. <3


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