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Jul 9, 2009 | 5:20 PM | 0 hearts ♔
hello, ppl! im sorry for not posting for such a long time. hmm, actually actually i have so much to to tell. eventhough it was like month ago but i still find it a memoriable moments for me, that happen so rarely.

hmm, i remembered on the 16/17 june, i went to jun bday. with emi, mia, aizat, ashhy and anna. it was awesome eventhough diyanah came quite late. then jun had this niece/nephew?(he's a boy) quite cute. hehe. then on the 19th, i went m'sia and left my boyf. pity him.. i had so much fun at genting and here the story goes..

i woke up at 4am and get ready before kak ila pick me up. at 5plus, she came and we went to wdls checkpoint. i reach genting around 11am then we checked in. we put our stuffs and head to the theme park. i miss the roller coaster and most of all, the skytower. it firstly will bring us at the top and hold on there. then WOOOSH! its just has if you jump down from the highest buiding on earth., that was what i felt. and the ride repeated twice. at first, i regretted riding it but to think back it was actually worthwhile laa. i wish i could go there again. then we had our lunch at kfc. the kfc menu is not the same in spore. they have chicken rice with kentucky chicken. nice nice. :D after that i bought this blouse, still havent wear yet. then we went shopping. i bought boyf this choc from famous amos stall and not forgetting the cookies, i bought for myself. i bought my mum a toe ring. for anna, i gave her this star magnet which is very cute to me. i bought hanisah a bangle and emi an anklet. then the next day, i walk around this shopping mall and took the indoor theme park ride. around 9 o'clock, i went to this saloon and went to rebond my fringe again. then we headed back to hotel. kak ila wanted to eat at the hotel lounge, but i was so sleepy. so, followed kak ila friend back to the hotel room. ouh! i forgot to tell that i went to genting with kak ila's 3 other friend and we stayed ay the same hotel room. then, i put my head on the pillow and WINK! i went to lala-land. the third day, we woke up and had our breakfast. after that i took a proper bath and get ready to s'pore. i miss my bby so much. before reaching spore, we went to kak ila's friend hometown at port dickson and i ate lots and lots of durians. free mah! haha. around four, we left and stop at this place. i dont know where cos i was sleeping throughout the trip. then i bought chewing gums for efa and my brother. not forgetting crackers for my beloved nanny. i reach spore at around 12 in the morning and i quickly msg mum and boyf. they were still awake and im so happy at last i could msg aizat bcos i couldnt reach him when i was at msia. the next day, i met him and hug him for all i want. on our first mthsary, we went jurong point and dating laa. haha! we bought famous amos and ate at banquet. then we went home and :* for a veeerrrrrryyyy long time. :D i love you, bby. and i will love forever.


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