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Aug 6, 2009 | 8:23 PM | 0 hearts ♔
Heyy. Its 6th aug, so 19 more days to 3mthsary. If with ttm mthsary, its been 7mths we've gone through all the things together. Hmm. Sygg have been sick fr the past few days and i expected it to be h1n1 but i was wrong. Haha. The doctor told him he had a bad sore throat. Sape suroh isap rkk bnyk sngt? Ah, padan muke. :-P But i really pity him. Get well soon okey, sygg.

School had been tiring. Since mdm irda came back, the class have been behaving themselves. I thought i had improved maths, eng, chem and hist. I had put alot efforts. But idk, only the teachers cn judge my improvement, ya? Friends? Everything had been fine. Only some little conflicts came up a few days. Abt that money and the stealer, about the blog and spam. And i really miss my lil' bestie, weeza. She'll come back to sch after the hols.

Emi, bby. Thnks fr the msg last few night. I want you to know, regardless of what, i love you so much.

Nisa, everything that happens has a reason. So, be strong. Im still here fr you. :-)

Ouh ouh. Ive got something to tell. I just recently changed phone few days ago. W705, its quite cool. And i just bought a panasonic digital camera. Hehe.

Ouh, gosh. Next wk is CT?! Hais.

Mdm irda, we're sorry fr hurting you. We're sorry fr misbehaving during bio lessons. We're sorry if we made you feel so bad. You dont hv to thank us. We know we didnt deserve you. We know we dont deserve to call you mother irda. We know you deserve better children. But i was thinking. Is there a mother who will say to their children, 'dont call me, mum.' just bcos of a textbk? Cos of another teacher that cry and still could smile? Im sorry to say this. But i hv feelings too, cher..


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