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Aug 23, 2009 | 4:19 PM | 0 hearts ♔
hidop ini, tiada makna kalau hanya utk mensia-siakn kau.

So, ystrday was the first day of ramadan. Anis break fast at my hse. And we didnt had many things to talk since i had to go fr terawih. Syg has been begging me to go with him but i cant. Im scared cik is(my uncle) will nt allow it. Cos i've been going terawih with him and my bro since a yr ago. But i'll try tmrw to go with my syg. Cos its our 3mths! :D hmmm. Then today i woke up a little late, 0515. Had nasi lemak and bread. Then, sit around while waiting fr food to digest. Had a bath and prayer. After that i get myself ready to school. -.= yes, go to school early in the morning on sunday. Haiss.. Ncdcc has an emergency preparedness day at chong pang. We came there and fall in fr about 1hr. Yes, frm the cc to the where the booths are. I and azureen report sick. Reen got some shortage of oxygen. While i was sleepy. And my shoulder and legs are getting sore. We waited fr Mr. K Shanmugam to come. Danish went to stage to take the badges and then we took pictures. Its nt only adss. There's other school like yio chu kang sec. (Rmbr who's school? Yeah, whatever.) Then we fall in ard the scenario blocks. Our six cca-mates took part like syereen, danish, uzairee, khatijah and two other more. I forget. After the scene finish, i slept at putri's shoulder. Then mike sir, woke me up. -.-'' then i turn to the right and slept at hanisah shoulder. Then i woke up again to take picture with the whole cca-mates. Then i leant my head at hilzami's back. Slept fr abt 10mins. Then woke up and view at ppl's phone. Hear songs and yes! The bus is reaching. Fall in properly and went to the booths. And and, i saw the magician, imran. Ya, suria channel. Saw a few of his magic tricks and had to leave ready. Board the bus and enjoy the air-con. ^^ shiok siaa. Reach school and went home. Then changed clothes and slept till 230. Took a bath and pray. After that follow syg to buy lens. And nw, just reach home. I think, im sleepy back. Haha. :p

Things has been sorted out. Im glad everythings back to normal. Im sorry, bby. I didnt mean to keep it frm you. But i dont want to hurt youu. Im sorry, im nt perfect. But i love you with all my heart, i swear.


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