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Aug 29, 2009 | 12:14 PM | 0 hearts ♔
So many things happened in my life.
So many heartbreakings story.

Firstly, about my results. Idk what i score cos i still hv nt yet seen the mark sheet. But whatever i've scored, im just worried abt eoy. Its like 3more weeks to come?

Abt the hot news, i hope everything is going to end soon. Im just disappointed that she twist and make up story. Why put the blame on us when its your own initiative to do it? Its the holy month, repent ppl.

And fr you, friend;
I still regard you as my bestf. Nw, its clear. I know why you did all that and why you said that to me. Im still nt going to abandoned you bcos of the black mark you've created. Im still here fr you when you're in need. And i've frgive you fr what you've done.

"Say goodbye to the past.
Let it flow with the time.
Look forward and dont turn back.
Let bygones be bygones."

Boy, you might see me smile. You might not see me cry or sad. But you'll never feel, the pain inside my heart.
Only myself know how much tears i've cried for you. Only god knows, how i felt when i heard abt it. NOT MORE THAN THREE YEARS? Oh, goodness. How am i gonna survive? I cn wait but at the same time, im afraid of losing youu.. Not hearing your voice or any news frm you. Cant touch or smell you. And i cant feel you. How am i going to live?? I hope there's still time for everything to change. I hope we still have a little light to bring us together. You want to know why i dont show that im sad? No, im nt hyprocrite. But i hv to be strong so that you'll be strong too. Eventhough i know im nt strong but i'll try. I just dont want to see you worry abt me all the time.. Why is the law so unfair, bby? Now i realise, how cruel the world is. Even God can forgive Its own creation.. Yes, time is precious now. We have very short time left.. Oh, bby. Dont go. ))':

But syg, i just want to tell you: 'I LOVE YOU'. I wont forget you or leave you. I promise this. As i say, my love for you wont fade. It will still stay inside your heart as long as you keep it safely.

Dont say goodbye.
Come and run to me.
Hug me and dont let me go.
I will be right here waiting for you.


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