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Oct 22, 2009 | 9:22 AM | 0 hearts ♔
hey! sorry for not updating properly for the past few weeks. i dont know what to talk about. i've been busy with dont know what. haha . exams results? pass eng and mother tongue. idk about the overall. i hope i dont retain siaa. hari raya photos? i'll try to update when i got time okey. too much laa, guys. hha. (raye dah bes pon.. haha!) school has been going fine. love? hmm.. still going strong despite the arguments and some misunderstandings. i love love love you, b. :D hmm, any plans this week? yap, i have. friday planned to go pastamania with efa and nisa. and saturday, i bringing boyf to somewhere. hee. ;D ouh, ya! yesterday went to singapore idol. i had so much fun than the last week's. yesterday reen didnt looked fucked up. she was noisy all the way beside me. keep insulting and sarcastic with ken's comments. sezairi and faisal's voice was nice like usual. but i thought tabitha should go home, not amira. ): charles sang 'fall for you' for his gf and i thought that was sweet with his guitar and all. i wish my boyf was that sweet. haha! i miss emilia feryna aisyah. last time we met was last month, went to northpoint's library. i want to bring her somewhere for her bday but dont know where. still have three more weeks to plan.. and boyf bday is just around the corner too. boleh pokai dok! haha. hmm, klaa. till here k, friends. takecare and byee! (:

send my regards of love for him.

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