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Nov 16, 2009 | 4:54 PM | 0 hearts ♔
blurb blurb! so, i just came back from KL and reach here at 5plus. and gotta go school back at 9 in the morning just now. had lots and lots of fun. shopping and laughing with the 2 belos, weeza and sarah. we slept, we eat, we talked alot. hahaa. went to pavillion and somewhere near sogo shopping mall. bought for my granny scarf. my mum, watch and bracelet. and for my youngest brother, i bought him a cute 'upin ipin shirt'. and and, i bought a long sleeve and a tank top at cotton on. the at 7pm, we set off from that place. and went to weeza's relative's house. ate noodle and the curly fries from A&W. something m'sia have, that we dont. and and, i had subway! the subway at m'sia was halal. surprisingly. very nice. ^^ i and sarah tried to capture the KLCC building from the car, but we failed. on the way back home, we slept. and when we woke up it was already at johor checkpoint. i felt it was a short journey. stepped at home, put down my bagpack and straight to sleep. woke up at around 7.50am, and packed everything out. i think my mum likes the watch and the bracelet. she wore it to her workplace. hmmm, so.. that was a good holiday to get away from IT.

so you dont seem to care?
hell, yeah.
if thats the case,
then i dont care too.
you know what?
i dont lose anything.
you're the one at loss.
and one more thing,
you gotta know,

why did you do this to me?


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