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Nov 22, 2009 | 7:00 PM | 0 hearts ♔
everything has ended, on his birthday. the last time to hug him, to kiss him and i cried the whole night. well, idk what to say. i still love him. but just have to let him go. hmm, and things are so difficult. if only, you know what i mean.

you said you were happier with your friends. you said while you were with me, you always think of your friends. that you put them aside. but, at which point of time did i stop you from meeting them? org laen pon ade mataer kn? and they still can hang out with their friends. its just that we have to know how to manage our time between friends and boyfriend/girlfriend. you said, love hurts. and you dont want to have a r/s. tapi smpai ble? dont say that love hurts. our heart can hurt but love dont.

ape pon, i still love you. and if i can, i'll wait for you. i know you feel the same way too but idk what makes you do this. i still hope we could start all over again, a new beginning of course. but if i dont get a chance more to be with you, i'll accept it with open heart. i'll move on with life but you will still live in my heart. idk why is it so hard for me to forget you. maybe bcos, i still believe our love is still there. and i still believe our love is real. just let time show the truth cos life is unpredictable..

lastly, i hope you'll keep our pictures, the leg band, my picture, the letter, the birthday gift and all our memories. one day, when you open it up back.. you'll gonna realised how much i really really love you, zat. as i told you, i have never loved any guys like i love you.. and i swear, its true.

I'm so confused. I never know what you want from me. My heart is forever bruised. I feel like I can never be free. I still remember when we first met. You was so special to me. Now I feel so sad. I couldn't make you happy. But I remember all the fun we had. Every time I think about it, it makes me feel so sad. I think about your cute face, laughing about a joke. But my pain grows more and more, when I think about how my heart broke. I cry, I cry every single night. Thinking of the fun we had. And the silence that drove us apart. In real life, I act like you don't exist. But in my dreams we're together.. It's you I can't resist. But in my dreams that won't matter. You still make me feel so confused.

I wish I could say that,
Getting over you was the last thing on my mind.
My heart's broken into a million pieces
and some of the pieces I can't find.

I believed you when you said you loved me,
I believed every word you ever said.
Now I realize they were all lies
and they're the reason my heart has bled.

I would've never believed
it would be so hard to forget about you.
I think of you during every conversation
and every task I do.
I want nothing more than to forget
all the hurt and pain you put me through.
Thinking of all your empty and broken promises
leaves my heart feeling blue.

Even though it doesn't seem like it,
every day my heart gets a little stronger.
And the time between the moments
I think of you gets a little longer.

Even though it's getting easier,
I never really knew,
that getting over you would be
the hardest thing I'd ever have to do.


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