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Nov 10, 2009 | 11:44 AM | 0 hearts ♔
they hugged me.
the surrounded me.
they cried for me.
then i realised, they deserved me.
but he does not.
why didnt i realised for all this while?
i might lose him.
but i still have my friends.
my family.
and im grateful to that.
its true what dd told me.
maybe god wants to test me but
i have to be patient.
emy says, look at the bright side.
i still have a long long way to go.
i still can go for my studies.
sec 5?
my career?
im just 15.
ending all this, doesnt mean
it is an ending to my life.
i've resolved.
i'll let you go.
but i still love you.
i'll move on but the memories
will be etched in my heart.
bb.. its coming to an end. this is what you wanted. no, i didnt gave up in us. inside of me, i still hope for a miracle. i still hope that you still give me a chance. but your heart is like a rock. i still dont get you. since this is what you wanted, i'll go. but dont forget me and all the memories we shared together. you la mataer i yg paleng rapat. i tk penah gini dgn salihin, amin ke satria. you never know, its hard to let you go. but i want to see you happy. yes, seeing you happy. but in my heart, you and our love will go on living. thank you for everything. thank you for loving me and thank you for hurting me..


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