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In this game of masquerades I always play the last card.

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Dec 1, 2009 | 6:31 PM | 0 hearts ♔
1st december?
ouh, one more month to 2010! i cant wait for a fresh start next year. hope its better than this year. and im going to start working extra hard for my maths. im aiming for sec 5. just talked on the phone with nisa, about poly and ite. makes me scared. what's more if i got into ite.. hmm, so it was a double fun day yesterday at ECP with my SCs. hehehe. had workshop for 2 hours at school, then we headed to ECP! yeah! bbq, played games, cycled, chit chat, ate ice cream.. awesome. hmm.. then i saw the rock. the time when aizat and me used to sit, during azzad's birthday party. ): i still remember the place. Hmm.. and today just created my own facebook account. haha, i dont think its too late. and my cousin was like, "wow! you just created it today and you want to upload 22 albums photos?" hehe. well, well.. hmm, i've no plan for tomorrow. but on thursday, planning to watch twilight new moon with rahman, nizam, qikaa and sarah plus many many more. idk, i just tagged along. holiday mcm taik. mendak, i want to go holiday at overseas!

i feel, you and i are drifting apart.
i know we are just friends for now.
but its different, serious.
if you think you are waiting for my text..
actually im waiting for you to text me.
hais, its okey.
i just want to know,
have you move on or what?
if you did,
then im happy for you.
its okey.
you should move on.
im stiill trying hard to get over you.
maybe i will.
and maybe i wont.
but i will be fine..
if you have moved on,
im happy for you..
i just hope we are still friends.
i mean, just plain friend..
i still love you.
and i wont forget all our memories.


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