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In this game of masquerades I always play the last card.

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Dec 11, 2009 | 10:45 PM | 0 hearts ♔
Hey. I just finished eating. And i cooked egg. Haha! I sucks at cooking. i dont even know how to break an egg. I managed to break it with the help of my brother. And i dont know how to flip the omelette egg. Hehe. My grandmum help me up with it. Today was great! Slack at home and chit chat with mum. Then at 2, dressed up and went to meet sarah. Headed to nisa's hse then took 859 to qikaa's hse. Watched tv and played barbie doll with qikaa's small sister. ;D then took pictures with sarah, qikaa and her siblings! Adam is sooo cute and alisya is so playful. Haha. Went to the park at qikaa's block and camwhore for about 20mins?. Then went to sun plaza and met wan, qikaa's friend or boyfriend to be? Haha. And then ate at mcd and camwhore again at canberra park. Haha! Canberra park reminds me of aizat. ): so when i was boarding the bus, i took the guts to text him and we met for pathetically 10mins? Haha, jadi la tuh. Terlepas rindu. Hmm.. Then he went for his football meeting while i went home. And and, teman my aunt to shop and save. We bought two boxes of ice cream. Yum yum!

Was it my fault that i agreed to meet and went out with you, at first?
Was it my fault that i picked up your call every night?
Was it my fault that i entertain you when you was bored?
Till your feelings grow for me.

When the first time you called and wanted to go marina barage, i agreed cos you've graduated and i wont be seeing you next year. Furthermore its been one year ago since we last contact.. But your question just now made me speechless. I feel this is so wrong. Im sorry i put you down. But i remember, i've never raised your hopes. I treat you only as a friend and a close brother. Go and try to win back your ex's heart. Just like what im trying to do. I know, mine and your's love story ends slightly the same. I understand how you feel. But i dont want to be her replacement. I still have feelings for him. And it wont change. And im sorry to avoid you. I think this the best way. Dont fall in love with me. And i wont hurt you. As simple as that. I've said, i wont move on. Even if i did, i will still wait for him. He will still live in my heart even if he's gone. I dont want to think about another r/s.. I just want to be your FRIEND, ibrahim. A friend who only talks and listens, but doesnt show that affection. If you ask if there's chance for you to be with me, the answer is no. And im sorry..


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