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Dec 12, 2009 | 9:58 PM | 0 hearts ♔
I must admit. I cried last night and this afternoon. Memories struck again. I dont know why. When everything goes quiet, when there's only me and silence, when i reminisce about all the memories.. That's when tears goes rolling down. I thought i had get over with this break up, but i was wrong. Idk why i cried, out of sudden. I never thought it'd be like this. Even as i type this post, i could feel the warmth of my tears at the edge of my eyes. I thought i was ready to move on but to realised, i have not even begin it. I remember the way he cared and loved me, i took for granted. Because i thought he would stay forever. And when he left, then i realised.. God, isnt there another chance for me? Another chance, so that i can show how much i appreciate him? Bcos if there's no more chance, then i know i'll lose him forever. I know i've said this so many times to him,"if you're happy, then i'll be happy too." but i dont see how this sentence work in real life. But for sure, i want to see him happy and stress-free. Maybe you're happier now with your life now.. Happier without me.

Im sorry, i cant.. I cant be your bestfriend or your friend. I dont want and idk how. Why did you chose to end this way, bby? Look at me, im pretending to be happy now. Im pretending to forget everything about us. But only God knows. Idk.. idk what to do, aizat. The other day, i asked you if you love me? You answered that you dont know. I was disappointed with your answer. But what else could i do?

I just want to tell you this,
"Tk pernah sehari, i tk cintekn you."

Goodnight. )':


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