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Dec 31, 2009 | 2:39 PM | 0 hearts ♔
I still miss you…
But not like I did before.
The intense aching I felt,
Isn’t there anymore.

I still whisper your name…
Not as often as I used to.
Now it may be once,
Before the day is through.

I still hear your voice…
Replaying in my mind.
But it’s fading now,
Soon silence I will find.

I still long for you…
To feel your touch.
But it’s not like before,
I don’t dream it as much.

I still think about you…
And wonder how you are.
But my feelings have changed,
And they don’t go as far.

I still feel you sometimes…
Maybe you’re thinking of me?
Or maybe it’s just a little memory,
Of how it used to be.

I still love you…
But it’s just not as strong.
Because I’m letting you go now,
So we can both move on.

I still hear you say…
No one will love me like you do.
That’s so hard to believe now,
After the hurt you put me through.

You still have a piece of my heart..
Because I always felt you here.
Now, I’m hoping and praying,
That, that too, will quickly disappear.

This will be my last goodbye..
I’ve nothing else to say.
Everything I felt for you,
Can now just fade away.

A few more hours to 2010! Woohoo!! I cant wait to a new year. Im going to start a fresh. After all, 2009 have lots of sweet and bitter memories. Starting with my break up with satria on our 7monthsary. Then get to meet dhan and grew some feelings for him. But we suddenly lost contact. And became aizat's ttm. At the same time, asyraf and amin asked for stead. But I rejected cos of aizat. From ttm, to couple. At the same time, for the first time, I failed my MYE badly. But I managed to pick up those pieces again and begin to improve tremendously during common test. And I think i've done my best for EOY. Though it wasn't satisfying enough. Mummy and hanisah got more closer. And I tried to spend more time with anna, emy, mira, weeza and sarah. And though I couldn't feel the bond with 3n3 but things slightly got better after mdm irda came back from her long medical leave. I volunteered to order the class tee and all. But things doesnt always goes the way we wished. We were behaving atrociously one day and mdm irda got mad. From there, we could really see the different side of her. The scary one! Haha. We called her mother irda to mdm irda. All she did in class was screaming. I hope next yr she will be strict but nicer.. Haha. And after, a few months of r/s, things got worst and harder. He wanted to break up and I let him go on his birthday. And we were friends but now, it seems like he doesnt need me anymore. So, im leaving him and 2009 together. Hope, next yr will be an awesome yr with more sweet memories. I want to excel in studies, be a more caring person and make more people happy, insya'allah. Thats my resolution for 2010. So, goodbye 2009. And hello, 2010. (:


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