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Jan 22, 2010 | 8:12 PM | 0 hearts ♔
booo! hehe. Today is the best friday of all my life in secondary school. Haha! P.E was not fun but not boring. I think mr teo's lesson is alright. i can become fit, i tell you. he have many good strategy. I loikkeee. Haha. We tried the NAPFA stations. At last, i could jump! Hahaha! Well done, firaa. Hhe. Then after P.E was social studies. I sat with weeza bestf and we ate chips more. Hehe, dont tell teacher. Hehe. Then we had maths lesson. sarah thinks my leg is her drawing paper. -.= okey, then had burger for recess. and went to lab for dnt. T hink im the fastest. Haha, i've done almost at the 10th step of my journal while the rest is still struggling at 4th or 5th. Heh. And then, after dnt, i went to art room. Met mdm irda and passed the class name's for the tshirt. im the one who had to design it. And i like the '4n3' font, that i took from piknic. Haha, nobody knows this. Hehe. before leaving art room, tok guru sempat wink at me. Hahaha! Then i rushed home bcos i had to fall in by 2pm.took the bus and left for the HTA. We had no drills, no hot sun, no scoldings. It was great today despite wearing full-u. Hmm, went to HTA to learn about the AED course. Reached school at about 630pm. I even slept at the bus on the way to school. Syoik, dokk. Haha! Then accompanied nisa to bustop. reen and i went home. I reached home at about 7pm. Had shower and dinner. Now, im going to do my homework. Fira kn bdk rajenn. Hehe. Dont know why the N and As havent text me yet. Haha, i know who but you dont know who! :p Friday seems to be a tiring day for everyone.. Urgh, tomorrow coming back to school with uzairee and danish for dnt. Then need to work some more.. and tomorrow night have to do study group with dd. Its terrible, man. But i enjoy. Hahha! Okey laa, im sigining off. bye bye and take care, love-lings! ;p

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