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Jan 28, 2010 | 12:14 PM | 0 hearts ♔
guess what? I went school yesterday and school send me home bcos of my sore eyes. Mdm irda was like, "you shouldnt come to school.. Extand mc laa." then iifah came to me, "whats wrong? You're eyes are red." so, my dad pick me up. And im going to miss social etiquette today with my class. ): so, i went to the doctor and the doctor gave me 3 more days mc. So, i'll be back to school next week. My left eyes is already fine. Only my right eye. It still pinkish-yellow. I hope it will be okey by tomorrow. Though its still a bit of itchy and dry, for now. sadly, i couldnt take picture with the whole class today. Sob sob.. Today, i dont want to rot at home. Im planning to revise abit on chem and maths. And i've start on the twilight book that i borrowed from my cousin. I know its abit 'ketinggalan zaman'. But its okey for me, just to fill up my days for today and tomorrow. I miss my friends but im glad that i'll escape cca tomorrow. Hahaha! Okey, i want to go eat my kinder bueno. Yum yum, hehe. Bye, take care.

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