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Jan 20, 2010 | 3:23 PM | 0 hearts ♔
hisy. at last, i've almost done all my assignment. left maths and some research for dnt. i turned on the 'mimpi yang tk sudah' and 'bidadari hatiku' by B8. both songs remind me of one person, aizat. i dont know why. those two songs can really touch the bottom of my heart. i must admit, i miss him and i really hope god will let us meet again. but at the second thought, i dont feel like meeting him. there's no point, you see? whats over is over. i have moved on and i want to live on. again, what emy said was true. "dont be pathetic. if your ex doesnt love you anymore, dont ever text him agian. it makes you look pathetic."
i admit. haha. lets drop the topic.

today, i should meet casper. but, i didnt. haha, thats very bad of me. but i dont want to do yoga by myself. so pathetic. -.- hmm.. tomorrow's school, at last. i rather school than having chunks of assignment for HBL. hmm. its quite tiring today. i want to finish up my work asap. then i can sleep and rest. i dont think im meeting dd for study group today. im very very tired. ):

yesterday had social etiqutte workshop. very fun! they teached how to take care of your skin and how to have make up without making your face full of dirt and pimples. its very good workshop, you know. but the time was too short. so, they didnt manage to show everything. but at least, i have learnt somthing about table manners and skin beauty. after the workshop, we went to fns and ate chicken rice. i reached home at 730pm and did my eng compre. teacher very bad. gave so many compre, essays and situational writing. urgh!

okey, im off. have to get back to work. bye bye. (;

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