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Jan 17, 2010 | 10:54 AM | 0 hearts ♔
Im so pissed off last night. Lets not talk about it. It will spoil my morning. Anyway, today planned to go raffles with sarah for the yoga trail but i dont feel like going actually. My running nose and my coughing is getting from bad to worst. I almost give up on my medicine. Its been already a week and im still not recovering. Sigh. Yesterday, had to wake up in the morning to go to school. For the ushering on the parenting talks. Rahim and asyraf was late. Besides duty, i manage to do my time plan for dnt with mr soh and the chinese girls. i've almost have 4 pcs of A3 size paper done. For this year N level, our theme for cousework is 'home'. I think its easy, im planning to do jewellery box. And the whole thing is already in my mind. After doing my time plan, i had buffet lunch with rahim, asyraf, tok guru and mdm irda. We finished up the left over by the parents. Then i, asyraf and rahim had to clean up. At 1 o'clock we left school. I wanted to go civic ctr to withdraw some money. So, i board the bus with asyraf. I saw my brother at the same bustop. Idk where he went to. After asyraf alighted, guess what? The next bustop, i saw aizat. Both of us just buat bodoh. Idk whats going on. So, i just ignored laa. Furthermore, my heart is still aching because of that day's incident and after reading my tagboard! What else you want from me, aizat?! I dont want to be your enemy. isnt that enough after all the pain you put me through? Im sick and tired. I swear, aizat. sigh sigh sigh.

Tomorrow's no schooling! Yeyey. I'll be having e-learning or what they call, 'home-based learning'. It will be from monday to wednesday. And then on tuesday, we'll have to come back to school at 230pm for the social etiqutte workshop. I cant wait, man. I want to have fun eating with my class at Yishun SAFRA. We'll take picture okey, 4N3? Yeah, great. ;D today, i'll be working. Yesterday, i got praised because my CMS score was 100%. So, $40 here i come! Hahah. I've been thinking to use my salary to join MENDAKI. I really want to pass maths and make ms chitra and my mum proud. I really really want to get to sec 5. Omg, i've said that to everyone almost everyday. Haha.

Insya'allah, i hope Allah will fulfill my wish. Aminn.

if someone you love, hurts you.. just cry a river, build a bridge and get over it.


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