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In this game of masquerades I always play the last card.

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Jan 9, 2010 | 11:26 PM | 0 hearts ♔
today is my first day-working-alone-without buddy. Its quite scary. Especially with the male ones. Haha! Overall, its okey. I find it fun! Idk why. Its like you're talking without stop. Haha, well who doesnt likes talking. With working, it makes me forgot every single thing at home, school or anything else. I dont find it like working. Its like going around and making friends with everyone, ouh, i love it. Everytime emilia takes about aizat and aizat and aizat, i'll realised that i still miss him. And i do have the same feeling for him, even though its a tiny one. Why is the memories so hard to get away from me? Its so strong, omg for goodness sake. hmm, HE asked me if i had any feelings for him. What should i answer? I admit, i have. But at the same time, i could feel aizat's presence in here. So, what does that mean? Im getting confused now. I hope my feelings wont cheat me. Bleahhh, whateverrrr!

If you lose something, dont cry over it.
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