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In this game of masquerades I always play the last card.

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Jan 13, 2010 | 6:02 PM | 0 hearts ♔
why do you like to make me frustrated? the other day you were kind, you joked with me. and all when i was being emotional. but yesterday, you make me upset again with your deep harsh words. i know we're over, but you dont have to be rude with me that way. i know you disagreed when you knew emy and i chose to work. but this is our decision. tkya nk bahase kn org uh, dan tk perlu nk kurang ajar kn. i was already feeling unwell that day and all i wanted help from him is to pass his phone to emy. kalau emy tkde, dah uh. tkya nk perli perli pe. urgh!

im sorry, N. yes, i wanted to aviod you. now, the feeling i had for you is no longer there. im sorry. i realise, my feelings has cheated on me. i realise now, that feeling towards you was just a feeling for me to get over aizat. now, my heart has froze. i dont have any feeling for you. not even aizat, after all that he had done. my focus now is just N levels. furthermore, i feel bad towards your gf. what emy said was true, KARMA; what goes around, comes around. i dont want to hurt others. then in the end, others will hurt me back. im afraid. im sorry, just forget about your feelings. we can still be friends. im sorry. i didnt mean to hurt you. i didnt mean to put on hopes to you. but my feelings were too early that point of time. but i've quickly come to judge. but to realise, after all, it wasnt really what i felt..

i love you to the fullest, may god bless you. (:

Sometimes in life we learn the lesson, long after the experience.


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