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Feb 4, 2010 | 10:26 PM | 0 hearts ♔
hello hello hello, darlings. ;D hahaha. Okey, i've not post about tuesday and wednesday. okey, first thing first when i came school.. I met weeza then we were like happy laa. Bcos she was absent on monday and i was alone in class. Then i told her about that 'thing'. She seems excited. She told me to just to go for it and i've found a nice date. Hehe! Anyway, we had sst. Mdm vanitha told us to go for the mother tongue remedial and we were like, "what the crap, sia?" and then and then, i had student councillor meeting. It was the longest meeting i ever had since i joined sc. Nyeaahaha! We talk about lots of stuffs from student councillor to the school activities. And then we were informed that, after step down on the 31 march.. We had to still wear the badge and the tie.! That was like wth sey. recess duty starts next week. Haiyaa. Ouh ya! Tomorrow we're getting the class t-shirts. Seems like everyone is so excited. Mesti uh fira design pe. Hahaha! Then we already had finish up the class cheer for next friday. Im so excited! Hehes. on next monday, we're practicing the class cheer. I hope everyone cooperate. blh 4n3? Haha. okey, go. Then yesterday, had nothing much. Had breakfast with the class and also 4n2. and mdm woo was talking cock. After sst, wait for sarah to finish up her class cheer. They all very bad, disturb me and amin. Hahah. Then today, he didnt come school. Uzairee said bcos he was shocked to read that letter. Haha! I was laughing really hard when he broke that joke. And tomorrow's cca day. Haisss.. Saturday, got dnt and bio!! Walao, pack sia time. Im quitting my job in three more months. Hahahah! okey, im tired. Going to bed. Nites.

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