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In this game of masquerades I always play the last card.

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Feb 1, 2010 | 11:00 PM | 0 hearts ♔
hellooo. Hehes. its past 11pm but im still fresh. Furthermore, i had some fried chicken and cake. Haha, im going to gain weight tonight. Hehe. Anyway, last sat i went to pulau ubin for the one-day adventure camp. It was super tiring. But despite that, we had fun. It was my first time taking the ferry. Hahaha! The scenery was superb, man. The sea water over there was very clear, blue and clean. There are mangroves. It was my first time seeing mangroves. Haha. Then, i called CSC to inform that i would not turn up to work as i was afraid that i could make it on time. We reached adm mrt, at around 4pm. Then we went to kfc with rafiq, danish, salam, puteri and all. Then went to meet sarah and lepak. After some time, weeza and aan came. Then, at 545pm we left home. It was tiring. I had my nap a while then i woke up and to find amin texted me. Bla bla blaa. He asked me about that 'thing'. Now, im still thinking of it. Then on sun, when lepak with aizat. Around 4pm, left to meet asyraf and emilia for work. And today, i went to school and everyone greeted me warmly! ;D but i was abit lonely in class. Wan, danish, weijie and weeza was absent. Haha. Tomorrow start of sst. Sianz eh.. Everyday go back home 430pm. Haiyaa. Okey, im going bed now. Nitey nite. :D

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