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Feb 8, 2010 | 6:08 PM | 0 hearts ♔
hey hey! today was okey. but mdm irda was screaming at the end of the day. bcos of who? the class laa. ASSHOLES. we had chinese new year celebration concert at the hall during assembly. all was fine. especially the dance society. good job, girls. then we had no MT. im starting to hate MT lessons. bcos of the teacher. not going to tell you who. :P last friday during cca, we were promoted. i was promoted to sergeant at last. haha! while danish, salam and all promoted to staff sergeant. on the next day, saturday, it was damn tiring. in the morning, i had bio and dnt lextra leesons. then when i got home. there was a birthday party for all the february babies! hahaha. so happy to get to eat alot of many food. hehes. but anis and family didnt came. )): so, 3 more days to sweet 16.! ;D plan to go marina barrage on the 15th with girlfriends plus raihan and maybe, hafeez. im so eager to play kites. :DD hehe. this friday is our interclass cheering competiton. we were supposed to practice it today and get our class tee but mdm irda was moodless. haiya! the class and i are so eager to see the class tshirt. i hope we could practice the cheer asap. hmm.. ouh yes! i've got something to story.

the past few weeks, i had been dreaming about this dog who catches me around this house. this dream happened already twice. then the other day, i dreamt my aunt and i was in this room. there were a war between s'pore and japan. (its not funny, okay?) then the japanese army caught us and dump us in this room. they wanted to kill me and my aunt with their poison gas. later, i felt the gas has already entered my nostrils. then i was choking to death. it seems real. when i woke up, i was glad im still alive. i was wondering, did my breath stop when i was sleeping? it was like you going to dive inside this pool and you're holding your breathe. but when you tried to breath, you just cant. like you're drown or something. then the next day, i asked reen what does it mean if i was chased by a dog. reen said, it means you wont live long. walahu'alam.

aku berserah padaMU, Ya ALLAH.

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the happiness of another person is essential to your own.


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