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In this game of masquerades I always play the last card.

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Feb 16, 2010 | 1:44 PM | 0 hearts ♔
okey, its been quite some time i have not post. okey, lets make it short and simple. last thursday was my birthday. i was happy that everyone remembered and hug me while. then we got our class tee. the guys were in blue and the girls are in pink. we look super cute. then practice the cheer for some time until 6pm.. on friday, it was the day! we had the class cheer. evryone was excited. eventhough we didnt win, but im happy that we did have fun. i took alot of photos. you can view them at facebook. :D then yesterday, it was ssooooooooooooo fun. i went out with my friends to celebrate my belated birthday. we went to watch movie at west mall, santau. though we was late for 20 mins bcos of aan. -.= but, overall.. that movie was scary enough for me and sarah to scream all the way. then, we ate at pastamania. efa was happy that i brought her a tazmania mug. sarah and weeza gave me this cute cupcakes with the word, "happy 16th birthday fira." it was delicious. then, efa will be treating me at coffee bean cheese cake and reen will bring me to catch a movie, 'valentine's day.' then we went to marina barrage. meet up anna, ashyy and emy with their boyf. then we played kite. for damn 3 hours, it still didnt fly. then we gave upa dn took some pictures before we left. reached home at 9pm and tomorrow's schooooling. -.-"

tomorrow im gonna meet farah! my long lost bestfriend. i cant waitttt!

part of loving is letting go.


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