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In this game of masquerades I always play the last card.

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Mar 25, 2010 | 8:53 PM | 0 hearts ♔
cak cak cak! Hehes. Im happy, happy, happy. :DD nothing can make me happy other than HIM. Haha, okey, change topic for a while. Hmm, this week was the starting week of term 2. That means, 6 more months to N level. Oh my god. Okay, they change the time table. I hate it. Hope i can start to love it by next week. Chem, remedial has been changed to banding classes. For every week it will change. Then for bio, we have combined back as one whole 4n3. Thats bad cos that means, grade will drop. Urghh! -.- okey, thats enough about combine science. Next wed will be our SC investiture. Im quite stress thinking about the lodgistics we need. But still, manageable since i have iiqah, gm and MAIZORRO. Hahah! Yeah, we each have out own nickname. Maisarah=maizorro, azureen=azurain, syariza=syarazor, hanisah=hanistar, shyarfina=shypeanut, hidayah=hitman and hafeez=hafish. Hahhaah, cool right? Haha. Okey, next speech day. Yeap, we have 3 more trainings before we steo down. )): i will miss everything about NCDCC. I still remember the day i cried when i unwillingly had to join NCDCC cos NPCC was full and i was not able to get into netball. But i was greatful that i met many nice people during camps and bla bla.. Now, just 3 more training to go. Haiss.. Okey, we going back together tomorrow. (: hahahhah. 5 more days?! Cepat peee.

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