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In this game of masquerades I always play the last card.

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Mar 17, 2010 | 10:10 PM | 0 hearts ♔
hi, lovelings. (: today i had fun. Lots of fun. Hehe. In the afternoon, went to meet sarah, weeza and reen. we went to the lib to do some hwk. y'know, once i meet sarah and weeza, i can go crazy. They just arrived to me and they laugh. Which it made me laugh, apparently. Hahha. the funniest part was when sarah tried to capture this 'pornography' picture. Hahhahah. Tabong amal eh, reen? wahaha. After that we had LJS. Then survey some dresses. Hees. ;D Reen and i went back home and rushed to school for bbq with ncd. I took lots of picture. I'll upload at FB on friday with kak aizah's wedding too. And and, tomorrow's picnic with DC comm. Yeay! I bought kite, cant wait to fly it. :DD ouh, yesterday had oral prelim. Malay was easy but english, i screwed it up. I kept repeating the same sentence cos i had no idea what to talk anymore. Then mrs lim just keep smiling. Heh. After oral, aizat called me to meet him for awhile. He had left s'pore today and went to italy with his art-mates. I bet he's having fun now. Haha. Have fun, donkey. :p ouh, im lost with YOUR love. I swear, boy. Hahha. Ouh, namazie texted me last night. I explained to him everything he was supposed to know. I hope he got it clear now. and im sorry, things have changed from today onwards. Love will come and go. But i've decide now. I've made my choice. whats the best for everyone, not only me. Hope this time, things wont be the same. Im willing to forget the past. Let others say what they want. I want this a new start, i want to start afresh. Yes, lets move on.

down with love.


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