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Mar 28, 2010 | 4:51 PM | 0 hearts ♔
im lazy to post. But i want to post and i have to post.

Yes, yesterday had a good day with amin, haziq, weeza and sarah. (though the penguin did really spoilt weeza's mood.) haha. two more days, bby. Arent you excited? Hehes, cos i am.. Well, im proud you were patient enough to go through this 2 months of pain, supposedly for you. For this two months, i were actually trying to make up my mind cos im afraid of making the same mistake again. But, in the end.. Yeap, this is my decision. To stick with you back though you hurt me for countless time. I trust that you've changed past the years. And im giving you this one last chance. Please dont put me down, k?

Today, going to kak adnin's house to celebrate amisha's birthday. Waiting for mum to dress up, so slow lehh..

Hmm, guess what? I found HER blog. I think she still. Im not envy. No, i dont hate her. I just dont like the feeling when i think too much of something. Of him and her, particularly. The feeling of untrustworthy.. But, they went out together one month ago?! I hate to feel this way. Fuck fuck fuck. Go die laaa. I have nothing to do with their break-up. But why, does it hurt so much to think of her? She's innocent. Dont, fira. No. Remember, trust HIM. She doesnt have the right to be his. But she has the right to keep it, still. They used to be together, remember? Like how aizat used to think about you and him? Cant i just drop this topic? Urgh.

Too often, we forget that forgiveness is stronger than revenge.


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