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Mar 31, 2010 | 8:48 PM | 0 hearts ♔
today was tiring, busy but yet i love it! Haha. Early in the morning, i got something from amin. :D then went school, meeting, lessons and blablabla. At 1.50pm, school ended. Amin teman me home, wanted to get my ice cream sticks for DC comm. Cos i'm stepped down today. ): talk about it later. Then reached school at 2.15pm. Met sarah and went to get our blazers and cocked shoes. Run here, run there to make sure everything is place. I had to give the cert to the GOH. Found out it was rosabel's dad. True or not sia? Hahha. There were something that cocked out cos ade je smart aleck. Anyhow closed the curtains. Luckily, fredrick had the brain on what to do. After investiture, ate and gathered. briefing and took some pictures. I'll upload by this week, no worries baby. The sec 2s and 3s sang for us something. Then there were birthday cakes for us. I started the sabo-ing thing then the whole school went down and dirty. Hehes. Naughty, firaa. :P then its our turn to give them surprise! We sprayed the party cans and the whole hall was dirty. Haha, then made a speech. Mine was easiest, "i love you all!" (; Then, gathered DC and gave them the ice cream stick. Got sweets from amalina and chocolate by azizah. Thank you! Took some pictures with DC, tutik and fattah. Went down to canteen and played with cream and cake. Went home with boyf. And took a good bath. Haha.

I'll miss you guys. ): congrats and all the best. :D

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