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Apr 17, 2010 | 11:53 PM | 0 hearts ♔
did you guys read the latest news? Achik Spin passed away in a car accident at 9.35pm yesterday? omg. died at early age. i really like his songs.. alot. ): life is short, live what you can. and treasure it cos you dont know what tomorrow can promise you.. Al-fatihah.

yesterday was fine. quite happy laa. i got my new camera. thought of going school for dnt lesson but yeah, too lazy. then i surfed the net. facebook let me uploaded my pics successfully. ;DD i was too delighted that i decided to change my blogskin again. haha. nicer, right? hahaha. so at 3plus, met amin. then lepak at some blocks. left around 4pm and met firdaus. reached toa payoh at 4.45pm. waited for lynn. she was late for 10 mins. so, we arrived work at 5.10pm. luckily, carol wasnt there. or not.. dead. haha. yesterday's sucked. urgh. i dont get it why some of the Pizza Hut's restaurant close yesterday? most of it. bukit panjang laa, sengkang laa. then who get the shit from the customers? we. -.- the funniest part about yesterday was that i picked a call from hafiz! so random siaa got calls from your own cousin.

fira: good evening. thank you for calling Pizza Hut's delivery. this is Fira speaking. how may i address you?
hafiz: hafiz.
fira: hafiz? okay. may i have your postal code?
hafiz: 670449.
fira: okay. hmm, hafiz eh?
hafiz: aah.
fira: akulah oi.
hafiz: huh? sape ni?
fira: fira laa.
hafiz: huh? ni sape ni? huh?
fira: hmm, k. nevermind.
hafiz: anis, bbual. ni sape.(talking in the background)
anis: hello?
fira: hello. awak! kite laa.
anis: fira?! awak keje?
fira: aah laa.
(phone back to hafiz)
hafiz: eh, fira! kau? eh eh. ade ape ape promotion, bagy kte uh.

hahaha. so, yeah. besides that, many customer complained about the restaurant close due to overwhelming orders. so, pekak kn telinga je laa kn. then after work, firdaus and i accompanied lynn and pei wen to KFC. ate nothing then left for home. had fried chicken! yummy. monday, please quickly come!

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