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In this game of masquerades I always play the last card.

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Apr 19, 2010 | 10:31 PM | 0 hearts ♔
hi, people. (: im gonna make a this short and sweet post. Too tired laa, bby. Alright. Lets see what i have to say about last night.. Hmm, nothing much actually. Just went to work with asyraf. Lynn has already resigned. ): im gonna miss her and her jokes. But hope, we can still meet up yeah? Ouh, ya. Yesterday, before going work went to meet Emy. Omg, i miss her so much. Its been quite sometime. I realised, i miss alot of the NBSS-ians. Ashyy, Amirah, Anna, Fika.. Hmm. Hope to meet them too, ASAP. :D so, we talked alot. Alot of stuffs. Fast forward. After work, homed. Yeaah, my mood was abit 'shaken' after reading his blog post. Furthermore, had some things up with boyf. So, went to bed with that - "whatever" feeling. Woke up and tried to forget about everything. Blablabla. Eng slept. Blablablaa. Assembly, had Gombak United to our school. Everyone was sooo excited. Haha. Then stayed back till 4.30pm. Went home, went Cik Is house to send food. Then homed, changed. Had plan with boyf and friends to go lib. Left home at 7plus. And just reached at 10+. Now, going to bed. Yeaah! :DD

Im sorry that in r/s, i cannot make everyone happy. Cos, i have to find my own happiness first. Someday, i hope you could find someone better than me. You deserve better cos im not perfect.

Memories is the only thing that wont change when everything else does.


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