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Apr 12, 2010 | 8:59 PM | 0 hearts ♔
i have a funny incident to tell you. Or should i say, foolish. I woke up and looked at the time it was 515am. Then i looked at the time again after i had my bath.. Guess what? Its just 4 o'clok in the morning. I was like, "really or not??" hahha, stupid me. So, i went to sleep back and woke up at 515am(the real s'pore time). Washed face and brush my teeth again. Grabbed my full-u, packed my bag and had breakfast. At 6.15am, i left house and went to school alone. ): as usual, met reen at the traffic light infront of school. Get redy for flag raising and all. Ouh, ya. Forget to tell you today is NCDCC day. So every cadet in s'pore had to wear the no.4 to 'commemerate' this day. It was like super humid siaa today. I was perspiring like hell. Fast forward. Had recess but i slept. I was too tired ready. Just grabbed my 'strawberry shortcake' that i shared with sarah and nisa during maths lesson. Besst. Haha! Then bought Vico. after that, i straight landed my head on the table. Suddenly, "KRRRRRIIIINNNGG!" recess over. I managed to sleep for 15 mins. Had dnt and assembly. Assembly today was quite fun. Had some YOG quizzes among the four houses. As usual, green always wins. Blue always improving. :p red and yellow, always loser. K, had lunch. Speech day training was okay. Today is such a sweaty day for me. Yeeew.. Raining after training. Wait till 6.30pm. Boyf sent me home. Went home, i took a loong bath. I didint feel like going out from the toilet. It was.. Gereeek, dookkk. Hahha! Now, im gonna revise for tomorrow's hist test. Alaaaa, tkde bende laen pe? Haiss.. Boyf moody. Trying to cheer him up. Well, i got go now. Till next time. Toodles. (:

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