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Apr 16, 2010 | 11:53 PM | 0 hearts ♔
my hottie love. xD

ncdcc, with memories. ):

in the morning, as usual went to school with boyf. Brought my cca uniform with me since no one would be at home in the afternoon. Granny had already left to Bandung on thu and mummy will have to go for brother's check-up at KKH. So, school was like usual. Assembly talk by mdm woo. I do really like her slide shows. The video of the birds were so cutee. And the song, 'Way Back In Love' was very touching. (: couldnt imagine if boyf leave me again.. ): alright, had maths. Then ss and eng. Recess, had macaroni and chicken seaweed. My favouritee. ^^ Tapi tk blh lwn nenek nye.(mouthwatering) hahha! after recess was bio. Miss teo came in for lesson. Wondering why Miss sujena didnt want to take the class for lesson. ): i missed her quite. So, i got third for my revision test. Woohoo! Then did last year mid-year paper. Quite hard. I did my w/s diligently with Hadri. Then passed up to Miss teo. I went back to sit beside weeza and afiq. Then you know what??!!!

Weeza: you passed up your w/s ready?
Fira: yeap.
Weeza: i want to copy le..
Fira: go ask back from teacher laa.
Weeza: you ask laa.
Fira: (Ignored her and read my book.)
Weeza: firaaaa. take back!! (pushing me.)
Fira: (fell from the chair.)
Fira&weeza: hahhahahhhahahhahahhahah!

Okay, that was a good start to end class. Hahah, macam nangka busok siot. Haha. So, after school had lunch and changed to full-u. Took pics of cca-mates. Then, parade rehearsal. Got badges from Lin Sir. Rehearsed for quite sometime. Got free milo and bread, again. :D then it was the real one! GOH came, had march pass. I think everyone did pretty well. Yeap. Went hall to witness the prize winners. My twins, sarah and nazhiifah won prizes for their cca. Uzairee won for best malay. -.= why not me, sey?? Hahha! Should try harder. Performance from drama, malay and contemp dance plus the bands. Eunice tk perlu eh. xD Stylo sey they dance. I love it! :DD after the whole ceremony was over, took pics with cca. Last pic with this badge, maybe. ): well, we are still one whole unit right? (: then, went canteen. Wanted to eat at the canteen but the food was not appetizing. Had the cheese cakes only. Yum yumm! Then went mcdonald's with friends. Quite kecoh. Before that, took pics at canteen. Didnt take pic with sarah twin. ): dont know where she was. Hmm, went mcd and had fries. Didnt feel hungry cos i was looking forward to home's cooking, actually. Left mcd at ard 8.45pm. Reached home and took a shower. Mommeh cooked ayam lemak cili padi. Haha. sedaaap, dook! dont jealous eh? Haha. Now, uploading photos. Fb, so hard is it to upload my pic?? Urgh. Frustrated.

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