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Apr 11, 2010 | 12:25 AM | 0 hearts ♔
so, just came back home. Like 20mins ago. Yeah. Hmm, nothing much to say about today. But then for yesterday, i have so much to complain. Urgh. It was such a hot, humid day. I was perspiring after recess. Had bio lesson. Ms teo gave us w/s to do. I straight slept after i did my w/s. I was too sleepy that yuen cheng helped me to mark and hand in my w/s. Thank youu. (: then i woke up, sweating like hell. greeted teachers. Blablabla. Went home, took a bath. Power, siaa. Then went school back for cca. It was S.H.I..T.T.Y. Yes, i had never hated any of my days, but i hated last friday. Seriously. The speech day rehearsal was like, bleaah. Then somemore had to stand like assholes, very long. I feel like crying after mdm ng told us to practice for ncdcc day. My legs were like super painful. I felt so weak. Rabiah, dragged our time. We ended at 7pm. Damn tiring. Then i thought of going home by myself but boyf insisted to send me home. I could say, most of the time, i managed to pick up my mood back bcos of amin. Thanks, bby. :D blablablabla. So, its already saturday. Woke up to find out that granny isnt home and she went to m'sia. Dont know for how many days and for whatever reason. At 3pm, met boyf and lepak. Haha, had fun bullying him. :p went to work with lynn. Talked alot. And laughed alot, especially during work time. there were so many funny incidents. Firstly, when we arrived at our workplace, we sat in between this computer cos it was spoilt. Then at the comp, there were this small note - 'computer hang'. Then lynn was like, "computer hang?" then we laughed cos we were imagining the computer hang itself, as in commit suiside. Hhahha! After that, there was this indian man. Mumbling whatever and then lynn didnt understand. So, she passed to me and i helped her with the call. Then i was being so stupid. i wanted to put my customer on hold but i accidentally pressed the put down button. So, she laughed at me for my sillyness. She laughed very hardly. I heard her. Hahaha. After work, went to accompany her to marina square. She wanted to buy presents for her friend. On the way there, inside the train. Lynn asked me. "you got money?" then i was like, "barney?" then suddenly, we laughed. It was a long laugh. Cos we were at orchard station then we stopped laughing at the next 4 station. Hahahaha! When we reached there, all the shops were almost all closed down. Luckily Fox were still opened. So we managed to grab some t-shirts. we were in the shop for one and the half hour. Bcos lynn didnt know which t-shirt to choose. In the and, she bought this white, simple one. And i liked it too. But seriously, it was super damn long for her to make her decision. I was like, "hey, im already late." not only that, we delayed the Fox shop. It was supposed to close at 10.45pm but we left the shop at around 11pm. But people there, were trying to be nice though i could see their expression. You know that "fuck off laa." - face. Hahha! well, human beings. So rushed for train. Managed to reached home before 12am. Yeah, cos i arrived at 11.57pm. Hahhaa! Now, off to lala-land. Hmm, dont ask me why but im just looking forward for wednesday. Sunday, im working. -.= urgh, sick of this. Luckily this month, will be my last one. Im saving money for my trip to Terengganu next month. :DD cant wait to meet nenek. And im hating my fringe. Its curling back. Yucks. I need to rebond it. Ouh, money pls drop now. Happy night. (;

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