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Apr 28, 2010 | 6:29 PM | 0 hearts ♔
This is my 105th post. (:

Haha. Sorry for not updating. I had no time and too tired to write an entry. But but! I promise i'll make this post a long one k?

Saturday, 24/04/10.
I remembered i woke up at 6 plus in the morning. That day we had Derap Puisi competition. So, most of us came to support ADSS. I wore that red 'kemeja' with belt. Nice ehh. Hehes. Put on make-up and bought my contact lens back which i had not used for months. Since the day aizat scolded me not to wear it anymore. ): i was ready by 7.30am. Had a light breakfast. Boyf said wanted to fetch me but since he was late. So, i texted Reen and met her at Woodlands Mart infront of Candy House. Then, went to withdraw money. Bumped into afiq amin. He was waiting for Weeza. So, Reen and me accompanied him. Around 10 mins, she arrived with Sarah. We all were equally dressed up nicely. (: Afiq had packets of crackers and chips in his bag. Haha. Mcd, school and there. The bus had arrived. But yeah, a small bus? -.-" So, half of us had to take train. Alighted at Bukit Batok. Some had breakfast while some just chit chatted. I had ice cream. :D took a shuttle bus to Millinea Institute. There, Mdm Hasnah gave a packet of nasi lemak. Nicee siaa she cooked. I shared with Reen since there was shortage of it. Took pictures. You can see them at my Facebook. Thanks to amin, who had uploaded for me. (: love love love you! ;D we slacked and camwhore while the actors get prepared. Burned time at the canteen. Then, the express badge came to join. The theatre started at 1.40pm. Sat in between boyf and Weeza. Frankly, our school performance is better. The others schools were performing cock. Seriously. About marriage, baby etc etc. "bbbb.. Ble kte nk kawen??.." menyampah aku dgr tuh pmpn bbual. Hahaa. And ibrahim was performing too! I didnt know he went to Millinea Institute after his O'level. We lost contact since the day he asked me for stead. And after that, i kept avoiding him. Hmm.. So, we emerged as Champion laa kn. Haha! We took pictures too. Then went home and had a good time with boyf in the bus. (: Went to Rasa- rasa restaurant at Woodlands Centre and we all ate. I had the seafood kueh teow. The aromaaa, fuuuuuh! Menusok di kalbu.. Haha! Homed at 9pm.

Sunday, 25/04/10.
Worked. It was the last day! Yeeeeeeeah, at last. Hahha. I didnt resigned. Just pause for awhile. Since MYE and N'levels is in few more months. Wow. After work, Asyraf, Firdaus and me had KFC. After eating, accompanied Asyraf while he go 'puff puff'. We sang a few 'jiwang' songs. Im starting to like 'mimpi indah' by apit. Homed and slept at 11pm.

Monday, 26/04/10
As usual, went to school. Blablabla. Assembly had some performance. I love the Belly Dancing. (: Susanne body was (Y). Hahaha. All the boys go woohooo~ (B, you jgn macam macam.) hahaha. Stayed back for while and went library till night. Can i tell you this? My love for amin is growing more, each and everyday. <3

Tuesday, 27/04/10
It was supposed to be Danish and Hidayah's third months. But they broke up few days back. The sweetest thing is that, Danish still gave Hidayah their monthsary present. Awwww. I pitied Danish, seriously. Knowing him for four years and being close to him, i could feel how he felt. Though i had twice rejected him once before. Hehes.. So, i helped him by decorating the card and all. Everyone said it was nicee. (: i can open another shop. 'Card Decor cum Cake Shop'. Hahaha. Lame sia, fira. K, byee..

And for todaay..
Yeah. Like i've always been doing since the past three years, i did updated the whiteboard today. 28 april 2010. Chuanshun, shazwan OSS. Affiqah and rebecca absent. 37/41 students present. Guess what? Its Sarahafeez's 25th monthsary.(: happy happy mothsaary! :D Not only the that i updated. We have, 95 MORE DAYS TO N'LEVEL PRELIMS. Wth? So fast time flies and two more days will be MYE (and my first monthsaary!) Pathetically. Haiss.. So had reading during FT period. English, slept during the second period. Mother tongue, slept for the whole period. Bio, woke up and read my book. Now, im done with the book. Going to read up the next book soon. Recess. Maths. Mother tongue. I did my work after the recess period. Dah recharge laa katekn.. Haha. Then after school went library, returned the finished book and lend another one. Did my homework at canteen. Rained, yess! Finally, gosh. Homed at 5pm. Otw home, disturb boyf. Then 'kena' back. :p hahaha! Wondering what he doing right now. Haven't text me yet.

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