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Apr 20, 2010 | 7:49 PM | 0 hearts ♔
"toa payoh ade kedai mas tak?"
Haha! Try to say it quickly then you'll realise its like Japanese language. Hahhaa! Today was veeerrrrrry gereeek! :D i loikke.. Hehes. In the morning, i was quite hyper. Then went school with boyf. Sat at canteen with geng giler. Shared my brownies with them. Nicee. (: then i told sarah, "how about one day, i open a cake shop and you open a cupcake shop?" hahhahaha. But yeah, i think im more into making cookies and desserts. Ice-creaaam! (mouthwatering) anyway, had lessons today. The weather was superb. ;D Mother tongue in the library. Borrowed two books. Wanna finish it up quickly. I miss Bella and Edward. Thought of buying the Breaking Dawn series. Hmm. (: Had P.E lesson. We went to the field, get down and dirty with soccer. I scored the first goal. :DD then had english. Half-way slept. Recess. Maths. Chem. Hist. Bell rang. Quickly rushed to the normal table. Went to lala-land in few minutes. Didnt even ate or drank. Friends woke me up when bell rang. But, i still felt sleepy. Bleaah. Had chem remedial. From SST group to Group 3. I didnt like the topic much: Chemical Bonding. So, i failed. Hahaa. Maths remedial, i paid attention cos tomorrow will be having class test. Should revise later. Hmm.. Then lepak at canteen after school. Planned to read book but in the end.. Sarah, Reen and me made a fool of ourself. Weeza became our video camera-woman. It was foolish but enjoyed laughing. I will always became the clown between us. Sometimes, i prayed hard to God. Whoever my future-husband is, be sure he can accept me for who i am. Cos they need to have alot of patience to endure my nonsense and contagious laughter. Hahhaha! Went home late at 7pm. Boyf bullied me on the way home. Hehe. Now, im homed. Wanna go eat and revise for maths test. Read up my book before going to bed. I want to sleep early today. Now, already yearning for my pillow. Hehes.

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