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Apr 5, 2010 | 8:22 PM | 0 hearts ♔
today, im happy bcos:
-there's no homework.
-my bag is light(minus boots.)
and lastly, bcos i love you!

Hahaha! Ouh, i forgot something.

Haha, yeap. Last two days, dad bought this cute Ben 10 cake for khairul and we saved some. But im finishing up all now. Hahahahaha! You know what? Im sick of Jihan. Its so never ending. So draggy, so not realistic story. Why is it so hard to let the hero and heroine marry together? Ouh, goodness sake. Its been like almost a year sia that drama. I think no one even interested in watching it anymore.

Asyraf and firdaus paitao siaa, yesterday. Hmmph, never go work. Luckily i brave enough to go home. Hahha. And luckily got nice customer yesterday. He even praised me, "may god bless you." omg, there's still kind people in this world. He even made me laughed. Hilmy looked at me, "ape ni? Customer pon ktawe ktawe?" hahaha.

During assembly today, we had a talk about cyberwellness. Very shocking facts, actually. Hahaha, so you see? Internet has its advantage and disadvantage. Haha. Ade chance tk nk jadi lecturer? Haha. Okay, today school seems so fast. I woke up at 6.15. Late to meet boyf. Heh, sorry.. had morning assembly at parade square. I just cant stand it reading my brother's stupid storybook. I dont even understand it. It talks about sex, saving earth and blablabla.. So boring that i almost fell asleep. Luckily the bell rang. I was like, "pheeew." Its been a long time i didnt had morning assembly. The last i remember was when i got suspended from SC for 1 week after got caught for cheating during SS class test. Hahha. I miss Ms Margaret. Her and her nonsense. Hahha! Today is a sleepy day for me. Cos, i slept during maths, eng and even in between cca breaks. Hehe. Today had so many test. Eng and maths test. Luckily easy. After school, lepak with girlf and boyf at school canteen while waiting to change for cca attire. Had speech day training, just practice our drills since it rained heavily. Waited for boyf and went home at 630pm cos i dont feel like going home. I just realised. My brother, Iqmal, is missing. Go merayap only. Later consperm get scolded. Haha.

Ouh, yes! can i sing one song? Only the favourite part?? Yes yes yeesss! :D

Baby - justin bieber.
i know you love me.
I know you care.
Shout whenever and i'll be there.
You want my heart,
You want my love.
And i know that we'll never ever ever be apart.

When our eyes meet, i fall in love with you all over again.


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