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May 16, 2010 | 11:30 AM | 0 hearts ♔
Goodmorning, oh dear people. (:
Im so bored. ~.~ Im quite irritated now. Everyone in house is shouting like none of their business. Hellooo~ This is not a zoo okay? Quit it. I dont have any plans today. Not even meeting Love. Im so tired of going out and reaching home late. Lets just take a rest today. But. I wanna meet YOU. May i? ):

Oh, at lassssst! Its over. Im not having that feeling anymore after i said, "i looooooveeeeeee you." Awesome, babe. :D Try to get what i mean. :P
Well, lets just face the fact here. Everyone has the right to FEEL. You & I. So, if she still do, i should let her take time to forget. I should try to put myself in her shoes, right? Cos, i went through what she did. I shouldnt be too over-jealousy. Yucks! I hate that word- Jealous. Love doesnt equal to jealousy okay, people? Put that in mind. Jealous is when you felt someone is putting a threat to your r/s. That you felt, you had to be more extra extra careful. So, yeah~ Im freeeeeeee. ;D

One more thing. The video of that Afez Anuar had been spread so widely in media mass. :O So memalukan masyarakat Melayu. Hahahah! Anyway. Talking about memalukan, yesterday afternoon. While Love and me were sitting together, a makcik came and lecture us. xD Like what the hell?! Ludok pon salah pe? Like okay, salah laa kn. I was sitting on top of him. xP but we didnt do anything much okay. Not even kissing, like some PEOPLE out there -.- Hais. Tak paham betol laa. Drop the topic, please. Soooo embarrassing. Okay, got to go. Enjoy the video. Lets reflect what we have done to the world. Care for one another and love for one another. Then the world will be a better place to live in.

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