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Apr 3, 2010 | 7:03 PM | 0 hearts ♔
woke up at 730 today. i had some moodswings early in the morning that i almost shed a tear. So, before i really cried i woke up and took a bath. If you noticed, everything i did today were basically house chores. Like maid ready siaa. Haha. Swept the floor and went to market. I embarassed myself, man. I dont know why when i reached the stall, i suddenly forgot the look of 'sayor kangkong'. So, i asked the apek. Then he point point, i also dont know which one. Then the assistant came and asked me, "what you want?" i answered, "kangkong." then he took and give me. The apek gave me the look, 'wah, anak dara pon tk tau sayor kangkong?' hahha! i think i blushed that moment. XD anyways, after went home, i rested for while and went to fold and iron clothes. Dressed up to the library to meet reen, sarah, danish, wan, putra and rafiq. Amin fetched me from home and walked to AP. Top up ezlink and bought m&m. Met them at the int staircase. They sang few songs then we met sarah. Headed to lib. Studied and everything. Ate mcd. Walked around cwp. Meet yufen and edsel. They so sweet, did the colour colour thingy at creative corner. One day, our turn. Okey, bby? Hahaha! Then took the bus, send sarah home. Walked to home. And yeap, spent saturday with boyf and bestfs. Next week, fly kite uh? Set! Hahha. You know what? I love them. Cos they made me cheer up today by laughing so much. Thanks, guys. (:

being single is so tough. At early january, namazie wanted me but he didnt want to leave his gf too. Then came amin asked for patch again. Rahman confessed his love. Azriq and salihin never stop pestering me and all. Then i had to decide who i had to choose. Haiss..

being attached? Also equal tough. When i think too much about how my boyf's ex feels. When my ex felt disappointed with me cos i didnt tell him that i've already got myself a bf. Hmm, read here.

Convo; what goes around, comes around.

Aizat: eh, you can have your watch back.
Fira: its okey. You can have it.
Aizat: but its yours, so take it back.
Fira: nevermind, i give it to you. For memories.
Aizat: i dont want.
Fira: ouh, fine laa. Well. Our memories now, is nothing to you anymore. Right?
Aizat: whatever laa. K, fine uh. I'll keep it. Eh, for you of course our memories are nothing now. Cos you have new memories to collect, right? Remember our promise? Who is gonna get replacement first? And who was the one confident saying, not to have any replacement? Me? Or YOU??
Fira: eh, dont accused me anyhow. Though im attached, i still treasure our memories okey. Especially ours. ouh, now you're telling me i've break my promise laa? Well. You promised not to leave me and i promised not to move on. Fair enough, we broke our promises. Was it me or you who asked for all this to happen?
Aizat: yalaa, im in the wrong. Fine, i apologise. Fyi, i just thought of patching up with you. But when i get the 'good news' from your blog, hahaa, nvm. Enjoy your life with him. I wont disturb you anymore. I'll try not to text you so that your guy wont feel jealous like how i used to be.
Fira: why do you wanna talk about patch now? Everything is already too late. Hmm, im not asking you to apologise to me. I dont wanna lose you as a friend. But if you insist, then what more can i do? Im nobody to you. You wanna pierce here and there, its your choice. I've no say. Isnt that what you told me? Yes, i still remember. But as a friend, i've done my job to advice you. Im just asking you for one thing. Be happy for me like how i used to be happy for you. Tc and nites.

Hmm. Its just a few days of r/s, but yet things already happened. Maybe, this is this is a test. Bby, lets get this over together. I'll be here when you need me.

I mean it, i love you.

Its not love that what makes the world go round. Its love that makes the ride worthwhile.


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