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Apr 13, 2010 | 7:39 PM | 0 hearts ♔
"you become a monk first, then i tell you."

Hhahhahahahhhahaha! That was the joke of the day. Sape tk phm, phm phm kn je laa eh. Hahaa. Today was alrighht. Had assembly & reading. Mother tongue for today was the best. I get to sleep for 25 mins then i DID my work, okay? That shows im a good student. Hahha! Mdm vanitha didnt scold me. She even asked me, "awak penat eh?"(in a kind tone). Nyahahhah. Then had P.E. Im soooooo damn proud to say, I CAN DO THE STANDING BROAD JUMP! Hahas. The maximum i can go was 163cm. I didnt cheat, kay. Witnessed by jannah, shiqah and affiqah. Then did the sit and reach: 34cm. Inclined pull-up: 15. Sit up: 30 and shuttle run for 12.57secs. Bleaah. Haha. i hope to get atleast a bronze this year. :D 10.15am, eng lesson. Stayed awake since we did an interesting cloze passage about Facebook and cyberwellness. Recess, Maths. Chem, sleepy. I just cant stand it anymore. I almost fell asleep. Suddenly.. "Shadiqin! Wake up!!" omg, i straight away felt awake after Mr Ong shouted. Then he told us to complete this piece of w/s. Shiqah asked Mr Ong, "Cher. Finish, can rest not?"
I was hoping for him to say a yes.
"No, dont rest. But rashiqah, i need you to do me a favour. Go to chem lab and take all your workbooks."
Then i volunteered, "Cher, i go with her."
So, we took our time and went to chem lab. Then after taking the books, shiqah asked me to take the lift. Then i was like, no need uh. Then shiqah pressed the lift button.
"firaa, hurry up laa. No need to scared."
Then i hurried went to the lift, hoping that there's isnt any teacher waiting outside at the lift landing on floor two. Haha, anything i kena siaa. 'Sc, some more.' fucking hate that phrase. -.- Then we ran when the lift door open and giggled happily cos no one caught us. Hahahahhaa! Hist, was fun! We were supposed to have class test then Mrs Sabar gave us half and hour to revise the notes. You know what i did? Revise 15mins and slept for 15mins. Gereek, dook. Sleep at IT resource room, got air-con. Dont jealous eh? Hahah. Blablabla. Sst, mdm ng made most people pissed off. But i tried to be nice. she told me to sit seperately from hanisah, and i obeyed her. I pity her sometimes.. Haha, kesiaan tuh cikgu. Anyway, 445pm and the school ends for the day. finished up my homework in canteen with reen, amin and rafiq. Best kene bully, b? :p raining cats and dogs today. Walked home in the rain with boyf. Romantic kn? Mcm hindustan gytuu. Haha! I cant wait for tomorrow. Wednesday, please be wonderful. I try to hearts thursday, no promises. And friday? marks the end of suffering. I wished on friday, it will rain like today after the speech day parade. Mesti bestt. Dah berpeloh beh hujan lebat. Furthermore sit at hall seyy. -.= Ya, Allah.. Haiss. Alright, im done for today. (:

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