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In this game of masquerades I always play the last card.

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May 23, 2010 | 11:19 AM | 0 hearts ♔

baby, i dont know why. i just want you to know i love you so much. and i mean it. i dont want to lose you again for the third time. i melted when you asked me, if i can be with you forever. of course, i do. you're one of the best things that ever happened to me and i dont want you to go. i dont know how long we can last. i dont want to put on high hopes but i hope this time we'll last. like really last long. well, there will be ups and downs. but i'll be there for you through. we can make it, baby. i want to be with you as long as you want me too. seven more days to go. (:

last friday we had our POP. it was great. like i meant it. one of the best moments in our cca times. it was combined UG some more. then we practice around some time. had the real parade. it was first time i got the chance to be in the GOH. hahah! then the other UG sec 3s became the supporting contigent. i like the part when we fall out. we threw our barrets. it was like we were graduating from CCA. hahaha! cool kaan? then for the first time, our POP we get to eat. :DD i like the chicken like hell lot. yummy! then took pictures with cca-mates. you can view more photos at my facebook. still uploading it. facebook quite sucks leh. i've been trying to upload for more than 5 times and still uploading fail. please be nice to me. D: after taking pics, waited for Love. he had some last parade to do. then went to woodlands mart and slacked till 9 plus then went home. oh, ilove that friday. i admit, im gonna miss cca. i still remember the first time i sign up for NCDCC, i cried. cause i didnt get into netball or npcc. but after all, no regrets. (: i just wanna thanks Sakinah, Suhairi and my teachers officers. they've been great for all this four years. thanks alot. and to my cca-mates, i cherished every moments we went through.

last night, webcam-ed with Love and Weeza. Weeza was like making me laughoing infront of the lappy like mad person. her brother was like making funny faces. i really feel like ROFL. and Love was soooo cute with his 'masai' hair. he looks like a baby cat. hahah. today, im going to Fairprice to but some ingredients for Hanisah's birthday, going to bake some cakes with Sarah and Weeza. i better get dressed up soon! i'll update tonight maybe? have a nice day. ;D

i got the best feeling when you look me in the eyes, baby.


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