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May 2, 2010 | 9:01 PM | 0 hearts ♔
changed skin! yeah :DDDDDDDD

Heyy heyyyy! Just came back from home. Had a good time with boyf today. (: managed to spend quality time with him, kn b kn? Ouh, i soooo love today. <3

Sorry about my past post. I was too carried away with my emotions. But i got stories to tell. About him, him and her.

Namazie texted me a few days back. Said, he couldnt move on and he shouldnt say with his girlfriend now if he knew it would happened this way. But, helloo? You've stayed with her for 2 years. How can you say that you regret now? Omgoodness. Now, what do you exepect from me? Break up with my boyf and tell you, "hey, lets get together!" omg, my mum or anisah gonna kill me if i do that. Its been 5 months, Namazie. You and i are just friends. Maybe you need moorrreee time. Just take time okey. Hmm.

And you, hello! Im advising for your own good, okay. Fine, its your life. Do what you want. Go smoke, go drink. Im advising you bcos i still care for you as a friend, Aizat. Seriously, you disappoint me. Have you forgot about sins? Urgh, so egoist.

I saw you looking at you. Yes. I wish, i could open your heart to see what lies inside. I wish everytime i read your blog, i could read in between the meaning of every little words you meant. So that, if im wrong about you, then i dont have to keep this feeling anymore inside me. Cos, i admit. Yes, its torturing myself deep inside. But i dont have the choice till i know the truth. Hais.

"For more information on lung cancer, please keep on smoking."
Hha, i found it somewhere in facebook. Baby, i've forgive you and i will forget it this time. But still.. Yes, im upset over it. I thought you had really really get over it. I thought you've proved me wrong. It hurts me to see you take in every puff of 'it'. Like a poison gas, and it will kill you slowly and slowly. Without you even realising it. And im over here, afraid of losing you. Too afraid. ):

It takes just a thought of you for me to leave the whole world behind.


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