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In this game of masquerades I always play the last card.

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May 8, 2010 | 9:17 PM | 0 hearts ♔

i sooooooo love this song. (:

and i looooove the lyrics. <3

Today was fun. :D almost to perfect, i could say. Well, morning was abit 'spoilt' cos i had a silent quarrel with Love (from today onwards i will start to call boyf, Love). The worst part i slept without apologising. ): But, literally. It wasn't really my fault. :p At 11am, went school to meet Mr Soh for DNT. Then met Weeza. Waited for her twin. Walked to WM's Mcd. Had Cinnamon Melts. Yummy! :DD Went to Sarah's place. Played her lappy and slacked. At 5 plus, went Weeza's place as she took her cash for Mother's Day gift. Shopped around for presents. I bought this stuff, okay. Dont laugh. Its the tissue cover with the words, 'Mum's the Greatest'. Okay, whaaat. One of a kind kan?? Hehehe. Then Aan came. Mcd. Aan's friend came and joined us. Helped Weeza with her card. Love joined us too. Sat around and finished up the card and gifts. At 8pm, everyone left. So happy that i could see my Love is back to normal. ((((((((((((((: Just like that, you see? A silent fight, a simple sorry text msg and the next thing, we're okay. Awww. I so love you, baby. Hehe. And im happy too cos my moodswing is over. Cos period is leaving. :p Or maybe thanks to Weeza this morning, for cracking that joke.

Fira: (waving to Haziq with semangatnye).
"oooopp!" epok-epok fell.
Weeza: kiwak! Kau bye-bye pat laki sampai jatoh pe kau nye makanan?

Im so so soo addicted to Blogger. I dont know why. :O

I read it again today. Over and over and over. Heartaching. Can you please explain to me, babe?

Or am i being too over-jealousy? FUCK.
if you judge others too much,
you have no time to love them.


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