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May 3, 2010 | 8:35 PM | 0 hearts ♔
I was too lazy to sign in to my blogger but i was too bored. So, yeah. I decided to post. Haha. Today was okay but different from other Mondays since today is Labour Day. Its a holiday! But everyone was out to work. ): Then i did my homework, diligently. (: i find myself that im soooo into Chemistry. Haha. After doing my homework, i read my book. It will overdue tomorrow. Gonna extend it. Hees. Today, i planned to buy my mum a Mothers' Day advance advance gift. Haha. I wanted to buy the Crunchy Cheesy Bites pizza from Pizza's Hut that i was craving for the past one month. Thought of buying it next Sunday but the promotion is only valid till 4th May. So in the end, i bought an ala carte Super Supreme Cheesy Bites and i got the free Super Monday Deal which consist of 6 pieces sweet and spicy drumlets plus the garlic bread. Went to pick it up at 5.30pm. Then ate the pizza and till now, im sooo full. I wanna planned a good diet for this one month. Plus, i can save money to go Terengganu. Ouh, i spend too much this month. Im afraid i had to go back to work to collect $$. Haiyaa. But seriously, weekends doesnt seems like weenkend without picking up calls from customers. Haha, starting to miss Carol ready eh. For whatever reason, mind you. Hahahaha. I was so irritated with the weather since yesterday. That i irritated boyfriend till today. Hehes, sorry baby.. xD

Ouh, im still bored. No one to text. Boyf busy jogging. I ready logged in to Facebook, checked people's account and photos.. I've read people's blog, read my blog. Ouh, just now was so funny. I went to read my dead blog, all the older posts. And i swear, i can go ROFL(rolling on the floor, laughing.) HAHAHAHAH. My posts all was so 'jiwangz'. About amin, especially. Hahaha. But reading all the posts back, it made me realised. I do truly love him that it was like too hard to let him go. Like duh, 9months of r/s k? Imagine a mother carrying its baby in the womb then 9 months later.. "Oh, sorry. The baby's dead." D: Then reading all the posts about Satria. Makes me like, how could i fall for him siaa? Hahaha. Life is so unpredictable right? Today you might lose someone but the next day you'll see that person coming back. Today, you'll fucking hate someone. But the next day, you'll gonna love that person so much.. Fate has always something to tell. Yes, things happened for reasons. Okay, im going to continue reading my older posts from January 2009 tomorrow. Haha, like story book ready eh? Hahaha.

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