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May 4, 2010 | 7:20 PM | 0 hearts ♔
I woke up from this long nightmare. Had an ache in my head. And that sore. It was there, still felt deep in the heart. Please, i cant bear it any longer. Keep me away from this silence. Im dying, now.
Here, lies a thousand feeling.
You've punchered a hole in the heart.
Too bad, that the angels died.
Now, we had to end this way.
Cause the scar has bled.

Dont ask me what, i just felt like creating a poem that sound that way.
Anyways, i was very very very looking forward towards Blogger since early in the morning. :D today was OKAAY.. /: yeah, cause lessons were quite boring. I felt sleepy through out the day but i didnt slept in class. Yeah! :D Only at the very end during History when i felt my head was soooo heavy. But i still didnt sleep as Mrs Sabar warned me,"Musfiraaaa! Better dont sleep or else i will kiss you. I MEAN IT!" hahaha, okay what? xD i always get kisses from people around me, so i dont mind adding the numbers up. HAHAHAHAHA. Weeza was absent today. Afiq amin was like, "asal Syariza tak datang??" And he kept repeating it from the first lesson till the almost end! Ainnk, rinduu ke? Hahhaha. Today, i kept myself from eating too much. I had Mee Goreng for breakfast. Oreo and Vico for recess. After school had, Blueberry cream bun and this biscuit sticks or whatever its called. And i didnt eat rice for the whole day. And and, i managed to save $2.20. :DD Hehehes. Oh. Anna wanted to sell her red Vans to me. I admit i like it alooot! She bought it at 50 bucks but she's selling to me at 38 bucks. Omg. If i had *keching keching* now, i will buy it before anyone would. But yeah, i decided to tell Sarah about it. Since i know she was interested with the shoes. And she wanted to buy them. Good for you laa, girl. Hahas. For this few days, my hormones and my mood goes 'hail wire'. So, mind you please. I can go nice but the next few seconds, you can see me with a horn on my head. I can laugh like hell but the next thing you'll see my crying. Urgh. My emotions right now is so unstable. So, forgive me. I felt stress, somehow. For that, my 'period's' not on time for the last two months. Its disrupting. I hate moodswings. D:

Sometimes you wont realise that,
The ones you'd love the most will hurt you the most.


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