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May 29, 2010 | 3:01 PM | 0 hearts ♔
Saturday's boredom.
Just came back from meeting Love. I dont get it why he didnt talk. We were just like, quiet all the way. And i was somehow entertaining myself. Why eh? Did i do something wrong? Hmm.

Anyways, i just realised. Since last Friday, my bro slept over at Hafiz's place, the house was like PEACE. :p But, i kinda jealous that i didnt get to sleep there too. Why why why? Cause I ALWAYS had to babysit my brother. And thats so UNFAIR!
My mum always says, "you as an eldest sister/girl blablabla.."
Like, hello? Even if my brother is the second brother and a guy, doesnt mean he cant babysit my lil' brother or do any work right? I hate it when people depends too much on me. Hais.

Change topic.
Im so sleepy, now. I swear. And i just find out that i had three more days to finish up my Hist and Bio HBL assignments. Great. :D and i dont know why im always thirsty for the past few days. Like ALWAYS my throat is so dry. Now, my perot is boncet again. D: not cause of food. But because of the water. Tsk.

Hmm. I hate it, this way. When things were somewhere wrong, and yet. My phone is silent. ): Maybe, i need to just rest.

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