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May 17, 2010 | 7:57 PM | 0 hearts ♔
why did you chose to leave me when im not in the wrong? )': i cried when i saw you disappeared. After all the memories we went through, you left. Just like that. DDDD: i still cant accept the fact. Till this very moment. Im still in shocked. SHOCKED and DISAPPOINTED. /: I've lost you. Im soooooooo sure you wont come back. Why, oh why? I felt a big loss. I felt you like a part of my life, y'know. You're there when im bored. You filled me. Now, you're gone. What shall i do next? Mourn here till you come back? You will never returned. I've lost you as a part of my life. I've lost you, FOREVER. D':

In memories, MEMORY CARD.

Today wasnt okay. Very not okay. I hate today. ): firstly, in the morning. Got a tight slap from weeza cos i was playing the 'Shooting Peanut Game'. Then it hit her face. Went class, Ms Chitra was screaming cos we did badly. I scored 26/80 for my Maths paper 1. Awesome uh, Fira. Then had Eng paper 2, passed. 45/80. Hist, 23/50. Recess. Dnt, 51/70. Then had assembly about Roboprenuer. Went class for FT. Read book. Darn, Breaking Dawn is superb siaaaaa. I lend from Reen. Their marriage and honeymoon was beyond words. Hahaha. Moving on. After that, stayed back to check SS. I think i got second highest. Affiqah scored 29/50. While i scored 27/50. So, i passed everything except for Maths. Cant wait for Chem and Bio. Urgh, please. Make me happy tomorrow, results. After school, lepak at canteen. While Love had NCC. Then, while slacking.. I suddenly felt like checking my memory card. And to my surprise, EVERYTHING'S GONE. I cried straight away thinking of all the picture i took, memories of 2n2&3n3, memories of Aizat, my pictures of every outing i went and some school events pictures. I cant stand siaaaaaaaaaaaa. FUCKA. Like heartbreaking taaaaw. Dah uh, no mood ahh. Go die uh, you. And for YOU, its all your fucking fault. YOUR FAULT! If i know it would happened this fucking way, i wont fucking give you my phone. Urgh, sedeh nyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. DDDDDD:

True love stories dont end cos they live forever.


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