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Jun 26, 2010 | 11:55 AM | 0 hearts ♔

Morning, earthlings! Urgh, today's Saturday. Boring laaaaaaa. Cb, need to work later. Sooo, yesterday reached home at 7plus. Left Anna house at around 7pm. After they played the poker cards, we talked about some stuffs. Then Anna asked if i wanted to buy any clothes. She opened her closet and let me try ALL her clothes. There's alot nice ones. But, sadly i dont have $$. So, i just bought a dress. She's selling at 10 bucks, but she gave me at 8 bucks. Then, she asked me to try this high-waist shorts. Its nice! :D They said, it suit me perfectly cause im such a skinny whore. ): But thinking back, my granny gonna shout at me for wearing such shorts. Hahahahahaha! Then, i was already tired to try all of it. So, i folded all of them back. Before leaving, i passed the money to Anna and she gave me Sarah's Vans. I was dying inside. Its quite new (though a little dirty). And most of it that i like, its niceeeeeee. D: So, took the train with Amirah. On the way, we chit chatted. She asked me about Amin and i asked her about Khidir and that new guy she's contacting. Then, gossiped about some people. I alighted at Admiralty and she continued the train to Marsiling. Went home and felt so restless. But i tried to control myself. Love went to Johor. So, i burnt my time by browsing through old magazines. Then, i saw this model. She wore so nice. It makes me think of Sonore which make me sooooo damn excited. Heheheh! After that and all, he texted me at 12plus. While we text, i dont know how i fell asleep. Today woke up and i feel my head is so heavy. Cause i miss Love so much, and I'VE FUCKING HAVE NOT FINISH WITH MY DAMMIT HOMEWORKS! Urgh, sialaaaaaaan.

Yesterday Shazwan was supposed to go to court. I have'nt heard of any news. D:
All the best, Wan.

And last night i encountered the most scariest and weirdest dream ever. the scariest part is, i flunk Maths badly (i dont know for which paper but it seems like N'level paper.) D:
And my weirdest dream is that i met this girl, she was carrying an adorable baby. I approached her. I asked her, if i could carry the baby. So, she handed me the baby. And to my surprise, the baby was like a mermaid. Its not LIKE a mermaid, it was a mermaid. I could even feel the fish scales. OMG! :O

Biler nak jumpe, ade je taw. Tak aku sebok, dier tk blh pulak. Knape eh, knape?? Baby, i miss you truckloads. I wanna meet you. ): Why does Monday seems to take so long? Tsk.
Okay okay, i've to start on DNT journal now. Fucking now. K, bye.

And i fall in love with you, all over again.


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