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♔Cherating, Kuatan, Terengganu
Jun 12, 2010 | 6:05 PM | 0 hearts ♔

THURSDAY, 030610
so, went back from school. did coursework like really hard. bleaah~ went home and it rained. met Love. talked, went homed at 7pm. bath, ate, went WM. bought something. homed, dressed up. texted Aizat. lend his Kube. homed, slept awhile.a t 1145pm, brother woke me up. touched up make up. left home. took the van. left S'pore. it was fucking long ride. D:

FRIDAY, 040610
reached Cherating at around 6 or 7 plus in the morning. checked in to hotel room at the Swiss Garden. then went out to have breakfast. the roti prata there was soooo soft. i likeeee. :D then left to hotel back. slept then at around 2 plus, dressed up to go turtles sanctuary. (: took some pictures. can view them at my facebook kay. still uploading it. (: then went back to hotel. had maggie mee for dinner. sob sob. sedeeeh.. )): hahhah! had an early sleep. around 2am, woke up and got text from Love! :D quite happy, but still couldnt meet him or contact him.

SATURDAY, 050610
yooooo~ this is the day, baby! going to meet my grandparents. i've been waiting for this day to come like since World War Three siaa! so, woke up at 7am, took a bath. ate cereal for breakfast. then left to Terengganu at 8.30am. and another long rideeeeee. -.- 4hours sia from Cherating to Terrengganu. like from S'pore to KL. i slept alot in the rides. hehehe! at 12pm, we reached Pasar Payang. my aunts shopped for the kain batik and kain songket alot. like there's no tomorrow, seriously. hahhahhah! i was like tired ready. so, i accompanied my granny and we sat down while waiting for the rest to finish shopping. at around 2pm, we went to the van. then i saw my uncle, cik Kamal. i salam him. he doesnt recognised me the first place. i saw from his expression. of course la siaa. 7years didnt meet lee. then he brought me to my nenek and makcik. then my nenek was like hugging and kissing me. i hugged her too but not that tight, as i thought she was fragile. but to my surprise.. ah, amek kau! she hugged me like soooo damn tight. Amin pelok aku pon kalah, doook! hahaha. well, everyone misses Firaa laa kan. hehhe. then we talked and took pictures. after that, left to nenek's house. nenek wanted me to joined her in the car than the van. so, yeah. i tagged with nenek along to my uncle's car.then nenek bought me to this pasar called Batu Enam. went i followed her to buy fish, the guys there give me scary look. like you know, "i want to eat you now!" yes, that look. i quickly looked away. then my nenek some more can talked to the guys and say that im from singapore and i'm her granddaughter. i just give that fake smile to the guys and walked away. then nenek brought me to this fruits stall. then, got one 'mat' whistling to me. my aunt was like, "wah, fira. pillar of attraction." (in malay language). then we left to nenek's house. i miss everything there. the beach was awesome. the nicest beach i've could ever describe. reached to nenek's place and then i saw my grandfather. i salam him and he kissed me. to my surprise, he still smells the same. just like 7 years ago. aw, now i smelled him. D: i miss Terengganu. then, cik Kamal call me over to him. he said, he's gonna call me father. i was like so damn taken aback. there was no words for me to describe when i heard my own biological blood-flesh-father said "hello?" i was soo.. i dont know.. speechless feelings.then abg ayie talked to my father. i overheard he wants my father to come over our hotel i was woaah! so, ate and all at nenek's place. when its time to leave, i almost cried. i saw from my grandfather's eyes. he was like so saad to let me go. D: then, went home. bath and went eat by the beach. :DD after that, i saw him. yes, my dad. after like 11 years, we met. Allah, thaks so much for letting this 3 souls meet. Alhamdullilah.

SUNDAY, 060610
so, yeah. another day to start afresh. woke up at 645am, took a bath. went breakfast at the cafe. didnt eat much. cuase i thought i ate too much. hahha! then went back to hotel room. my father called and he asked my brother and i to meet him at 1030am and go shopping. so at 1035am, we waited for him at the lobby. after 35mins then he came. -.- went somebody's jempotan. ate then met abg ayie and nenek and all. then left to Kemaman, ate otak otak. err, not nice. O_o after eating, went East Coast Mall. looked around at the clothes and father said, "take whatever you want." i was like, "hah? biar betol." haha! but then, i suddenly dont like everything there. cik ju chose for me one grey baju kurong. quite nice laa. can wear for hari raya. then my father asked me, "why you so shy?" i just smiled. then he gave me 50 ringgit and said, "go take this. shop with kak nadia." first i refused, then nenek said, "go laa." so, i asked kak nadia walked me around the mall. oh, ya. i forgot! i got a new sister. a year older than me. she quite pretty. (: and nicee too. well, its not that i shy for nothing kay. but it was so awkward with my dad. REALLY. 11 years, being apart. its hard to plaster back the gap thats already torn between us. i was happy to meet dad. happy to now he's still alive. to know, "oh, he's living a happy and easy life with his new family." no, im not jealous over it. i must admit, things happened for reasons. im happy for him. its just that, so much he doesnt know about me and so much things, i havent know about him too. that night, when its time to leave.. i cried. i still remember what he said. "ayah sayang kamu sume. bukan tak sayang." i just suddenly broke down. he hugged me for quite some time. then we salam him and left. my stepmother gave me 50 ringgit and kak nadia texted me, to tell me to take care of myself. that night, everything was like a tape recorder in my head. i remembered the last time i talked to my father before i never met him again. i remembered when he spelled 'ma-ta' for me when i was in K1. then, i cried myself to sleep that night.

MONDAY, 070610
what a morning. when i woke up, i felt my heart just recovered from a bruise. my dad's face came to mind. i took a long bath. had breakfast. then, while eating.. they talked about my father again. i was like, please, stop it. around 9 plus, went hotel room and did a last bag-packing.

its time to leave, KUATAN. ):
yeah, well. that was how i spend my holiday. that experience, is something that could not be compared with anything or anyone. i never imagined that i would meet my father this soon. it was like a dream. a dream that i never wanna wake up. im so pleased. its just undescribable. Allahuakhbar.

Feels like I'm drowning without your love.


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