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Jun 15, 2010 | 10:09 AM | 0 hearts ♔
its 10.10am and im late for dnt class. But im still on Blogger. Hahaha. So, so here's the plan for today. After dnt class, meeting Love at around 2pm. Then home, changed and meet bibik to accompany her to walk around cwp as aunty aisyah doesnt want boredomness to kill her. Bibik is so lucky to have Kak Adnin and Aunty Aisyah as her employer. So, yesterday had school. I did my coursework like so diligently that i didnt realise there were few texts and miss calls. So, today gonna continue with it. I dont want to left behind. Everyone is ahead of me. Like hello, when we did journal i was ahead of everyone in the class kay. What happened siaa? Sedeeeh. ): Then, when Uzairee and Hanisah left home, left me with kexin and joceline. At around 430pm, Mr Soh ordered for us KFC. :D i was happy cause it had been months since i had KFC fried chicken. Damn, im gonna tell this to the whole world. I HAVE THE BEST DNT TEACHER ON EARTH! He even helped me with filing, polishing and buffing le. Thanks, cher. Okay, kexin just texted me. Better off to school now. Hehehe!

Sarah, twin. Sorry i cancelled our plan to flying kite. I'll make it up on Friday kay? Love you.

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