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Jun 19, 2010 | 1:35 AM | 0 hearts ♔

so today yeah, we did went to fly kite but i met them late as i had to babysit my little brother. mer them at 430pm at Christ Church. but, sadly there was no wind. ): couldnt fly the kiteee. at 6pm, left to CWP. met Anis and her boyf, she treat me LJS. ^^ then anis said, there was a guy keep looking at me. eww, look old. hahhahah! then, walked to cotton on. then, they were planning where to go. i suggested to Woodlands Waterfront Park. then, i asked Weeza. ni anak kate naek 903. so, we took 903. then half way, we realised that we were already sesat. so, dropped to Admiralty Park. entered RP and walked to CWP. went to asked the bus driver. and he told us to board the 856 bus. we waited for fucking long. then we thought we took the wrong bus again, but the route was correct lah. athe problem is we dont know where to alight. then looked outside window, we saw it but we missed the bustop. so alighted at the next bustop and atlast at 9pm, we reached. :D took pictures but im lazy to upload. no good photos. then Hamzah, Anis boyf bought her camera. i like it. but quite complicated to press. but seriously, the camera take good photo. (: i 'played' awhile with his camera. then suddenly, kringkringggg! phone rang. oh, shazwan called me. talked awhile. at 10pm, left the place. took 856 to Yishun Interchange. changed to 171 bus. now, im at Anis place. and had to wake up early tomorrow. D: Abang Ayie told us to reach Geylang by 1130am. like omg, so early? -.- okay, yeah. thank god, Love and i are okay now. but he's leaving to Johoooooooooor now. D: tsk, i hate it laa. baru nk bbual. kay, im so tired ready. goodnight kay? (:

imissyou, baby. (sleeping alone tonight?) D:

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